Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing riskand optimising space and time.

  • Deliver tickets directly to consumers’ mobile

    Deliver tickets electronically with a first-class, proven ticketing and payment solution using mobile devices.

  • Risk management

    Protect passengers and employees and comply with safety regulations.

  • Update timetables and keep passengers informed

    Alert passengers to diversions, changes to timetables and special offers in real time.

  • Staff optimisation

    Simplify the way employees are managed, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Optimise design of public space

    Better understand visitor flow to optimize scheduling and design of public spaces and remove bottlenecks.

  • Extend OOH

    Extend the out-of-home marketing strategy by providing real-time offers for passengers.

  • Offer deals and special offers

    Alert users to special offers and promote stores and restaurants in the airport.

  • Help busy passengers find their way

    Use wayfinding to help busy passengers make their way through an airport by giving them useful and location-relevant information.