Differentiate yourself from the crowd, improve customer retention and understand customer behaviour patterns.

  • Personalise content

    Deliver content to specific zones within a casino, enabling a new level of personalisation.

  • Optimise design of public space

    Better understand visitor flow to optimize scheduling and design of public spaces and remove bottlenecks.

  • Offer deals and special offers

    Alert visitors to special offers and promote stores and restaurants in the casino.

  • Extend the relationship beyond the visit

    Engage visitors with compelling content and create deeper relationships by extending the casino experience to before and after the visit.

  • Risk management

    Protect visitors and employees and comply with safety regulations.

  • Help visitors find their way

    Use wayfinding to help visitors make their way through an area by giving them useful and location-relevant information.

  • Staff optimisation

    Simplify the way employees are managed, reduce costs and increase productivity.