Benefits for Shopping Centres

Visualise the flow and dwell patterns of customer visits to gain an in-depth understanding of traffic flow in order to align resources.

  • Develop long-term relationships

    Develop loyalty and meaningful relationships by giving shoppers what they want when they want it. Identify otherwise anonymous customers and engage with them.

  • Extend the relationship beyond the visit

    Engage customers with compelling content and create deeper relationships by extending the centre experience to before and after the visit.

  • Capture data on consumer behaviour

    Understand who is in your centre, where they spend the most time, what they engage with, and what stores they prefer. Analyse what are the most popular zones and which stores get the most footfall and which are underperforming.

  • Analyse retail concepts

    Test what concepts work and what don’t, analysing why shoppers do what they do and go where they go. Understand the impact of new stores as well as the effect of events and pop-up stores.

  • Risk management

    Protect shoppers and comply with safety regulations.

  • Enhance experience and convenience

    Enhance centre visits by incorporating value-added elements to provide leisure and entertainment and lessen pain points such as parking issues. Isolate and quantify consumer touch-points that are most responsible for driving satisfaction.

  • Co-market to drive sales and traffic

    Co-market with retailers to blur the line between online and offline shopping and bring customers through the door.

  • Help busy shoppers find their way

    Use wayfinding to help busy shoppers make their way through a centre by giving them useful and location-relevant information.

  • Staff optimisation

    Simplify the way employees are managed, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Align resources

    Ensure resources for security and facility management, staffing schedules and maintenance activities are aligned.