Benefits for Supermarkets

Sustain business and build competitive advantage in order to influence shoppers’ decisions at every stage in the grocery shopping path.

  • Analyse the path to purchase

    Understand how and why shoppers make decisions on their path to purchase, tracking the impact of signage, packaging, store layouts and point of sale on conversions.

  • Increase basket size and conversion rates

    Alert users to special offers as they walk past a store. Offers include coupons and loyalty rewards. Impact future purchasing decisions and habits and measure marketing effectiveness.

  • Plan workforce productivity

    Match workforce productivity to customer traffic, minimising customer wait times and improving customer experiences.

  • Risk management

    Protect shoppers and comply with safety regulations.

  • Drive consumers to products on the shelf

    Help consumers find specific products instead of wandering around aimlessly – time is valuable and customer service and assistance is valued.

  • Staff optimisation

    Simplify the way employees are managed, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Breed loyalty

    Breed loyalty by building a long-term, meaningful communication with customers, using relevant content, precise targeting, personalised messaging and pertinent rewards.