The questions worth asking (and getting answers to)

BY Ken Warmington / 23 Mar 2016 / No Comments

Every business has questions they want answers to. Beonic Technologies’ solutions give answers to questions that every business should be asking in order to improve productivity.

People counting:

  • How many visitors entered my business today / this week / this year?
  • How many visitors left my business without purchasing anything?
  • What ratio of staff to visitor is optimum for best customer service and conversion?
  • What is the impact of variables (weather, weekends and holidays) on my traffic?
  • Which stores are over and under performing?
  • Which marketing campaigns were most successful?

Mobile engagement:

  • What marketing messages brought customers through the doors?
  • How do they interact with the merchandise?
  • How effective are the targeted messages they receive?
  • How do personalised targeted offers improve customer experience?
  • How does an improved experience keep customers loyal?

Customer understanding:

  • How many people walked past my business but did not enter?
  • What are their preferences and shopping patterns?
  • What is their gender and age?
  • Where are they are from?
  • Where do they dwell and how do they get there (snail trails)?
  • Are they are new visitors or returning?
  • What are the average transaction values?
  • How are queuing times affecting conversions?

Staff optimisation:

  • How does staff interact with visitors?
  • Where does staff dwell and where in store do they go?
  • How is performance across multiple stores?
  • How do shopper-staff ratios impact conversions?
  • Does staff productivity influence customer loyalty?

Business analytics:

  • What made visitors enter my business?
  • How did the window display affect the passer-by?
  • What operational improvements can be made to capitalize on passing store traffic?
  • How does merchandising affect conversions?
  • How do alternative store layouts affect flow and conversion?
  • What effect does product testing have on conversions?
  • How does pack design affect profitability?

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