10 things SweetSpot can do for retailers

BY Samantha Mimeran / 23 Mar 2016 / No Comments

Finding the SweetSpot is about finding the place where people, purse and product come together – the zero moment of truth.

Ask any retailer the greatest three challenges they face, and they will likely say:

  • How to reach customers in a meaningful way.
  • How to measure, report, learn and improve.
  • How to drive foot traffic and connect online to offline.

The SweetSpot app addresses these challenges and helps retailers by delivering the right message to the right consumer at a time that is relevant to them.

SweetSpot benefits to your store include:

  1. Timing is everything: Deliver the right message to the right consumer at a time that is relevant to them.
  2. Develop long-term relationships and breed loyalty: Develop loyalty and meaningful relationships by giving users what they want when they want it. SweetSpot identifies otherwise anonymous customers and engages with them on their mobile. And you get to control what you tell them and when.
  3. Increase basket size and conversion rates: Increase basket size by alerting users to special offers as they step in a shop. Offers include coupons and loyalty rewards. This will affect future purchasing decisions and habits and is also measured.
  4. Drive foot traffic: Drive incremental footfall by engaging with users through the world’s largest beacon network at airports, shopping malls, convenience stores, pharmacies, universities, transport, hotels and outdoor media locations. Mobile engagement happens not only when they walk in the door, but as they go about their every day lives.
  5. Expand customer base: Use social recommendation to expand your customer base. Users share vouchers and coupons, and are rewarded for doing so. A very powerful way to drive new business through the door.
  6. Connect Online to Offline: Connect the online world with in-store shopping, allowing for a seamless multi-channel experience. Users can also use the online store to order and can pick up in-store.
  7. Capture data on consumer behaviour: Understand who is in your store, where they spend the most time, what they engage with, what they redeem and what brand they prefer.
  8. Sophisticated but simple-to-use back end: Set up and manage promotions using a simple back end solution. Deals can be easily updated and customers kept up to date with relevant information such as loyalty card balances.
  9. Influence behaviour: Target specific customers and influence their behaviour and purchases in-store.
  10. Enhance customer experience: Make it a pleasing experience for the customer to come to your store, ensuring they return often.


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