Population Insight

Analyze your space or building utilisation.

Beonic Technologies' Population Insight is a cloud service to analyze and manage building population with our easy to use reporting and alerting system.

Population Insight uses our people counting sensors to accurately detect people presence in your space or building at any given time. With an accurate understanding of the population, you can assess risk, manage design strategies.

Features include:

  • Understand building or space utilization with our easy to use dashboard.
  • Risk control, analyze where most of the population is based in your space or building.
  • Comply with safety & building regulations by understanding your utilization.
  • Optimisation of building and space configuration to suit population needs.
  • Real-time information with the ability to monitor by exception
  • Compliance with safety regulations and risk management

We also feature an alerting suite

With the Population Insight system you can create and manage various alerts, such as alerting you to whether your building or space is becoming over/under-utilized. Other features include:

  • Set thresholds for population, receive an Email/SMS alert when reached.
  • Understand and implement fire risk strategies.
  • Ability to receive population alerts via external trigger, EG: Emergency, API call, etc.

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