Proximity Insight

Mobile proximity marketing

Beonic Technologies' Proximity Insight is the ultimate micro-location marketing and business analytics platform.

It provides businesses and their customers with the only 360 degree mobile wallet ecosystem (SweetSpot) that combines out of-the-box loyalty, digital stamp cards, content management, customer relationship management, shopping cart, mobile payment gateway, direct marketing, event ticketing and branding into one comprehensive and simple-to-use mobile app. Businesses benefit from the ability to collect relevant and concise data, which is then easily translated to actionable marketing that improves customer experience, business efficiency and sales conversions.

Features include:

  • Relevant and precise messaging using proximity technology
  • Loyal customers acquisition using a provided loyalty program
  • Rich insights into shoppers and their behaviour
  • Real-time, comprehensive analytics engine
  • Ability to engage at the right time, right place and with the right content
  • Redeemable offers for end-to-end ROI

Combine loyalty, content management, customer relationship management, shopping carts, mobile payment gateway, direct marketing, sales promotions, branding and payment with a sophisticated but simple-to-use mobile wallet app.

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