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Beonic Technologies' Traffic Insight provides businesses with real-time information about visitor traffic and traffic flows. It records and presents data in real time to understand in-store shopper traffic and conversion trends.

Combined with point of sale, roster, time and attendance and other data types, Traffic Insight provides simple, actionable insights that establish accountability, improve sales processes, and increase profitability by providing factual information for decision-making. Reliable, accurate people counting metrics are a superior measure of management’s ability to drive people in-store and staff’s ability to convert them to customers.

Features include:

  • Data collection on total number of visits (excluding staff)
  • Historical data capture
  • Visitor behaviour, patterns and trends analysis
  • API for integration of other data sets (POS, time and attendance, NPS)
  • Traffic penetration analysis – percentage of visitors using different zones
  • Multi-level user access
  • Visitor versus conversion evaluation
  • Location-based annotations
  • Direct comparison benchmark statistics

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