Increase profitability by analysing accurate data

Translate your customer’s path using powerful analytics, enabling you to understand the effectiveness of marketing, window displays, pack design and shop layouts.

Beonic Technologies’ Shopper Insight helps you understand what is drawing customers in, which marketing efforts are causing the most conversions, and which window displays are the most effective. Identify norms and trends across time ranges and compare and contrast alternative store layouts to identify most effective flow and layout. Successful store interactions include relevant and targeted merchandising and engaging store layouts.


Window Displays

Analyse and optimise window display effectiveness to understand what drives traffic to your store.


Store Layouts

Create engaging, efficient shopping environments that optimise how different customers navigate your shop, ensuring they enjoy the experience. Use customer movement patterns to enhance floor plans and identify best product positioning and placement for conversions.


Operational Improvements

Ensure trading hours, floor staff and merchandise are optimal.



Create accurate merchandising plans to optimise effective allocation and replenishment.


Loyalty Program

Foster loyalty using a simple but effective loyalty program provided free of charge.

Relevant Products

Traffic Insight

Understand your total number of customer visits and how many of those visits result
in a purchase, and determine traffic changes based on weather, marketing, seasons
and days of the week.

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