Staff Optimisation

Optimise staff levels, interactions and productivity

Understand how staff levels and interactions affect conversions, as well as when staff are most productive and where they spend most of their time.

Beonic Technologies’ Workforce Insight technology enables fact-based decision-making for staffing levels to achieve the optimal customer experience. Analyse employee paths and monitor where they spend time. Optimise staff/customer interactions and identify best practice. Get real-time information and monitor by exception. Ensure customers enjoy a great experience and want to come back.


Staff Effectiveness

Understand how to balance staffing levels with traffic and engage the right mix of staff numbers and skill sets.


Best Practice

Align staffing levels with customer insights to improve customer service and identify best practice.


Staff Productivity

Simplify the way you manage employees, reduce costs and increase productivity.


Customer Service

Identify where customers need staff interactions and increase the ease with which they find what they are looking for.

Relevant Products

Traffic Insight

Understand your total number of customer visits and how many of those visits result
in a purchase, and determine traffic changes based on weather, marketing, seasons
and days of the week.

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