“The Beonic System is used nationally by Ronald McDonald House Charities within the Ronald McDonald Family Room Program. Locally in the Canberra Chapter, the Beonic number counting system has been installed since our Family Room opened back in December 2013. The Beonic system has allowed me to monitor on a monthly basis the foot traffic into our Family Room. This has enabled me to make decisions around the extension of hours that we open our Family Room in addition to ensuring we provide enough coverage on our volunteer roster. The online web portal allows me to see hour-by-hour foot traffic on any given day and complete in-depth analysis of visitors that utilise this service. It also provides a detailed monthly analysis for reporting to my Board. This detailed analysis allows us to make informed decisions about how we grow our Family Room Program.”

Michelle, Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Canberra

“Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation has recently installed Beonic people counters at its seven library branches. The libraries are visited by over 1.2 million people annually, and accurate visit data is important for our planning and reporting obligations to our Councils. Previous counter technology used at the branches was not reliable or sufficiently sophisticated, and so we have moved to the Beonic people counters. The information we are now getting is accurate and the counters are very reliable in operation. We now are able to analyse the visis data in a variety of ways and review patterns of use across our branches. This is of great assistance in planning day-to-day operations in terms of staff resources as well as providing accurate data on current use of our branches.”

Peter, CEO
Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

“We now have a Beonic counter in all of our 22 retail stores and I have found the interface very simple to use. The detailed picture we can get from the data collected by the counters helps us with KPI monitoring and planning for future promotional events. Dealing with the support team has always been pleasurable and they are more than happy to go above and beyond to make sure everything is working as it should. Highly recommended.”

Rick, Network & Communications Administrator
Oakley Retail

“I think another eye opener for us was peak periods of trade in our business, we used to roster staff according to hourly sales and not traffic and we always thought we were providing best service at these times. We found that we had the right people on at the right days but not necessarily at the right times. So we took a more strategic approach and have made changes in our rostering which has led to an increase in conversion rates and an increase in sales which we are extremely happy with.”

Kate Cruickshank, National Retail Coordinator

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