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Beonic Technologies' award-winning systems are used by some of the largest retailers, shopping centres and public facilities around the world.

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Latest innovations

The Path Intelligence solution offers uniquely accurate data on traffic flow and dwell time using patent pending mobile phone tracking technology.


Beonic Technologies is Australia's leading people counting company

We've been collecting and analysing people counting data for more than 18 years. This experience and knowledge is leveraged to provide our customers with the business intelligence to improve their business operations.

Reliably collecting accurate traffic data is only the first step. Beonic Technologies works with our customers to identify issues with their operations and develop strategies for improvements; what we call actionable insights.

Beonic Technologies' data repository and analytics platform supports a variety of industries of all sizes. Traffic Pro is targeted at smaller operations with pre-built reports, simplified interface and easy data integration. Traffic Insight provides the security and scalability required for multi-site global operations.

For excellent availability, and to avoid IT department objections, our platforms are built using industry standard Java EE technology and support all popular database system. Our platform is available as a hosted solution where the IT infrastructure is provided and managed by us and information available to users anywhere in the world. An enterprise version is available for those customers looking to install the solution on their own infrastructure.

Beonic Technologies' reporting platform now includes iOS and Android mobile device support.

Going beyond data

Our consultants unique understanding of people traffic patterns and metrics can help to identify missed opportunities to improve your organisation's performance.

Working across over 5000 installations we will have direct insights into your broader industry sector and a unique perspective to contribute.

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