About Beonic

Beonic Technologies uses consumer touch-points and data inputs to create a comprehensive picture of the customer and their path to purchase and then analyses those touch-points to maximise the customer experience. Understanding a customer better and communicating with them in a meaningful and contextual way both enhances loyalty and increases profitability.

By integrating a unified platform, Beonic Technologies brings in-store observations, proximity marketing and mobile apps, loyalty and rewards, retail analytics, people counting, POS data, heat mapping, coupon distribution, 3D virtual reality and virtual shopper research into one omnichannel solution. The platform delivers actionable insights that establish a one-to-one consumer relationship, so that businesses can enhance customer experiences and improve profitability.

Defining and measuring the customer path to purchase enables businesses to deliver a seamless and rewarding experience for customers so they will choose to come back time and again. As the path becomes more seamless, measurable and actionable, so the business becomes more profitable. Businesses benefit from the ability to collect relevant and concise data, which is then easily translated to actionable marketing that improves customer experience, business efficiency and sales conversions.

A technology enabler, Beonic Technologies provides solutions for businesses in the following sectors:

Retail, supermarket, FMCG, shopping centres, public facilities, sports events / stadiums, airportscasinos.

What sets Beonic apart

Successful activation of a company’s ideas and strategies is based on key intelligence and sound research; interpreting insights and translating these into an innovative strategy; and creating truly engaging multi-channel experiences.

Beonic Technologies understands how important accurate visitor statistics are to the evaluated performance of an organisation, ensuring a high level of accuracy and data integrity. Beonic also understands that in the current competitive environment, brick and mortar businesses need to use innovative strategies to connect with the customer to enhance the experience in-store, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. This in turn increases revenue and sales, builds stronger relationships and creates a competitive advantage. The importance of getting a clear picture of one’s customer base is essential to attract and engage more customers. Real-time data can be harnessed to maximise sales opportunities and shopper behaviour and trends can be micro-analysed. In addition, Beonic enables retailers and brands to detect presence-based data to build powerful analysis tools and connect to their customers using an omni-channel selling environment. The data collected drives smart decision-making that increases store traffic and average basket sizes, as well as generates new leads.

Beonic also provides the research needed to make high impact decisions about marketing products where it matters most – at the point of sale. Beonic is committed to developing a robust operational system of engagement that provides superior customer service, increasing project effectiveness and up-sell opportunities.

In regards to staffing, Beonic appreciates that capturing real time data about staff whereabouts and utilizing this information to better manage a facility and business allows management to focus on growing the business, helping to increase efficiency, reduce negligence and liability claims, lower operational costs and improve compliancy as well as manage staff and reach goals set out by upper management.

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