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    Transforming Experiences With AI Innovation

    At Beonic, we create intelligent places with our AI-driven platform. Our technology transforms the places where people work, play, travel, shop and meet—optimizing touchpoints, driving loyalty, and delivering differentiated experiences.

    Fueling Growth Through Intelligent Places

    We empower businesses with an innovative data platform that brings physical spaces to life.

    Who We Are Building Smart Environments

    We are the architects of intelligent places. Through the combination of IoT and AI we help our customers understand how visitors interact with their spaces, working as their partner to create transformative experiences, that enable places to adapt and respond to the demand of their people

    Our Values Putting People First

    Our values of togetherness and respectfulness coupled with our sense of adventure underpins what drives us. We believe in technology's ability to create a better world for the people that inhabit it. We believe in putting people's experiences, safety and civil liberties above all else. 

    Our Vision Transforming Experiences

    We believe that by bringing together the worlds of AI, hardware, and software, we can create adaptive environments that respond to the complex and dynamic needs of visitors and businesses. Our innovative solutions turn places into intelligent spaces, transforming experiences between people and the places they visit.

    Our Mission Accelerating Business Growth

    At Beonic, our mission is to be the leading force in enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their spaces. By providing our customers with a clearer picture of their environments, we empower them to deliver better experiences and more relevant content, which in turn drives operational efficiencies, loyalty, and sales.

    What We Do

    Unlock the Potential of Place Data With AI

    Across multiple industry verticals including; Airports, Shopping Malls, Quick Service Restaurants and Hotels, we specialize in turning plain spaces into intelligent places. Each day, we process billions of data points across thousands of venues, to provide unprecedented insights, our AI-driven solutions help our clients understand how people interact with their environments, enabling them to optimize visitor touchpoints and deliver differentiated customer experiences. Discover the transformative impact of intelligent places with Beonic.

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    The Beonic Team

    Bringing Places to Life

    Our success is fueled by our leadership. From experienced technology developers to data scientists and marketing professionals, our dynamic team is at the forefront of innovation, driving transformation and unlocking the potential of AI to create adaptable and responsive places.

    Meet the Leadership Team

    Understand How We Create Intelligent Places

    Discover how our AI-driven platform can transform experiences and elevate your business to new heights. Request a demo today to see Beonic in action.