Data-driven solutions for actionable insights

A leader in consumer insights, Beonic Technologies improves business operations and performance using data-driven solutions. Our cohesive yet diverse ecosystem helps businesses understand customer behaviour, increase customer traffic, improve customer engagement, integrate physical and digital experiences and grow conversions.

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A technology enabler, Beonic Technologies provides solutions for businesses in the following sectors: retail, supermarket, FMCG, shopping centres, public facilities, sports events / stadiums, airports, casinos.

Traffic Insight

Understand your total number of customer visits and how many of those visits result in a purchase, and determine traffic changes based on weather, marketing, seasons and days of the week.

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Path to Purchase

1. Get them in

Increase footfall by understanding what draws customers in:

  • Analyse passerby traffic
  • Understand effectiveness of: shop layout, marketing, merchandising
2. Count them >

2. Count them

Accurately count traffic to drive sales:

  • Know how many walked in and when they walked in
  • Understand how many bought
  • Analyse shopper-staff ratios
3. Understand them>

3. Understand them

Better understand customers and their behaviour in-store:

  • Know the gender, age, preferences, shopping patterns of customers
  • Understand whether they are new/returning, where they are from, how they interacted with the merchandise, where they dwelt and how they got there (snail trails)
  • Analyse staff interactions and effectiveness of targeted messages
4. Convert them >

4. Convert them

Increase conversions by improving customer experience:

  • Improve customer experience with personalised targeted offers
  • Understand how merchandising affects conversions
  • Analyse shopper-staff ratios
5. Keep them >

5. Keep them

Gain loyal customers and keep bringing them back:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Analyse staff productivity
  • Understand behaviour drivers
  • Understand returning vs new customers