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    March 22, 2024

    The Future of Air Travel: Beonic at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

    The Beonic team is gearing up for Passenger Terminal Expo 2024!

    Beonic has been a steadfast presence at the Passenger Terminal Expo since 2014, at which time the number of worldwide airline passengers was less than half the 8.6 billion recorded less than ten years later in 2023. With the number of passengers expected to double again by 2042, the importance of efficient airport operations cannot be overstated.

    Preparing for the Coming Surge in Airport Passenger Flow

    Over the next eighteen years, airports are projected to accommodate a staggering 19.5 billion passengers, six times the total in 2014. Despite this, airport footprints are expected to see only modest growth, most of which will be seen in emerging markets. As weekends increasingly resemble Thanksgiving in terms of traffic, Beonic’s Passenger Flow solutions offer a lifeline for operations teams.

    How Beonic's Solutions Optimize Passenger Flow 

    Beonic is renowned for its transformative impact on airport passenger flow. With a presence in over 80 airports worldwide, we’ve dedicated more than a decade to refining solutions that turn bustling spaces into efficient hubs, easing the journey from curb to gate while minimizing operational costs.

    Our solutions integrate data feeds from a range of sources—including most WiFi and people counting sensors available on the market—to provide holistic insights into the passenger experience. Third-party data such as weather and AODB further enriches our analytics, enabling airports to predict and respond to operational changes effectively.

    Streamlining Operations: Beonic at Charlotte Airport

    At Charlotte Airport in North Carolina, Beonic implemented a queue management solution empowering operations staff with real-time data on passenger counts and wait times at security checkpoints. This data is accessible to passengers through the airport’s website, mobile app, and terminal monitors—giving all passengers the flexibility to use any checkpoint to reach their gate and enabling them to choose lanes efficiently so they can streamline their journey from curb to gate.

    According to Katie McCoy, Charlotte Airport’s Business Intelligence Manager, “Beonic’s LiDAR solution has enhanced both internal operations and the passenger experience by providing anonymized movement analytics and wait time data with reliable accuracy.”

    Connect with Beonic at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

    To explore how Beonic can streamline your airport management practices while transforming the passenger experience, drop us a line and we’ll catch up in Frankfurt at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo. Let’s revolutionize the future of air travel together.


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