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    February 23, 2021

    How our Marketing Services Team uses Data to Elevate Marketing Campaigns

    Marketers across the globe can agree that when it comes to creating effective marketing campaigns, it is not wise to ignore data. Data provides concrete evidence and a solid foundation for a marketing campaign to build from. Analytics that provide a more comprehensive view of your target demographic can help marketers create more effective and responsive campaigns. However, it’s not that easy. The amount of data and analytics available can be overwhelming and if you don’t know how to analyze them, it’s difficult to glean valuable and actionable insights.

    That’s where our Marketing Services team shines. Our team are experts in combining data captured from physical and digital environments to create campaigns that entice, engage and convert. A data driven approach is at the core of every project to ensure all sources of customer information are harnessed to drive and optimize every stage of a campaign. The team brings together the IO platform, with the systems, processes, and teams of our clients.

    Let’s take a closer look at how our team of experts use data to provide a leading marketing service.

    How we use data to create top-notch marketing campaigns

    Skyfii’s Marketing Services experts provide an all encompassing service that augments a client’s team however they need. From end to end solutions, or any combination of production, strategy, or reporting, our team relies on data every step of the way to do it all. Here’s an overview of the services we provide:

    • Strategy and research – Develop marketing strategies, conduct market research, trade area analysis, survey design, sentiment analysis, qualitative and quantitative research.
    • Segmentation design – Create intelligent visitor taxonomies to quickly identify key segments in your audience and drive personalization for your marketing campaigns.
    • Visitor journey mapping – Develop automated campaign journeys based on your visitor’s unique needs and experiences.

    Skyfii macbook retail

    A look at visitor flow within a venue in Skyfii’s platform and an example of a timely incentive that can be sent from the dashboard.

    • Campaign production– Manage your campaign and deliver data-driven optimization from sign-off to execution.
    • Planning and optimization – Close the loop on your digital campaign performance effectiveness and measure the effectiveness of channel, content, segmentation, and messaging.
    • Team training – Implement personalized training programs to help your team take better action and understand the data they collect.

    Let’s dive into how these services help solve real world challenges for our customers.

    Customer stories: How we use data to drive customer results

    We love to help our customers solve their marketing challenges and create more effective campaigns. By understanding the problem, we can help identify a data-driven solution, implement it, and verify its effectiveness through analysis.

    Let’s take a look at a few ways we helped our customers do just that.

    Increase sender reputation and activate dormant subscribers
    Our retail property client wanted to leverage a venue’s WiFi data set to automate intelligent segmentation and facilitate automated activity-based scoring.

    Skyfii applied a 4-tiered approach to database activation that combined WiFi and campaign data. The team segmented customers based on their responsiveness to campaigns and engagement with the venue to provide a more comprehensive audience view than traditional marketing platforms. Skyfii’s cleansing processes managed data quality and deduplication and ensured a single view of the customer.

    Skyfii saved nearly 30,000 subscribers that were engaged with the venue but ‘dormant’ at a campaign level. These subscribers would have been deemed “inactive” by any traditional marketing platform. After the database cleanse and segmentation optimization, open rate response grew 3.5 times to over 20% from the first reactivation campaign.

    3.94 received campaigns
    A peek at how Skyfii’s platform can segment customers based on their responsiveness to campaigns and engagement with the venue.

    Improve marketing effectiveness through behavioral segmentation
    Our retail property client wanted to understand the profile and behavior of key shopper segments. They wanted to then leverage this data to refine segment definition and identify new opportunities.

    Skyfii segmented shoppers into target groups based on a combination of demographic and behavioral data. The team targeted content by language to successfully re-engage previously dormant subscribers.

    They benchmarked demographic and behavioral characteristics against the average shopper to highlight areas where they are more likely to be seen at the venue. The team launched activity-based campaigns to improve engagement with segments seen in the venue less frequently which drove a 10+ percentage point increase in open rates. Targeted campaigns to identified segments drove a 9% uptick in venue traffic during subsequent venue activation periods.

    behavioral segmentation
    In Skyfii’s platform, shoppers can be segmented based on a combination of demographic and behavioral data.

    Automate in-venue experiences that predict shopper behavior
    A retail mall wanted to launch a personalized shopper loyalty program that included timely incentives. Skyfii harnessed both member WiFi and people counting data to create the world’s first proximity driven recommendation engine.

    The Skyfii IO recommendation engine predicts the best suited retail offers based on the member’s historical store behaviors. The recommendation engine was integrated with IO Engage to deliver communications based on real-time store decisions made by shoppers.

    Skyfii delivered a prediction accuracy up to 75% per store, with only three months of data analyzed. Forty-three percent of all members were eligible for a prediction. Data was also used to define retail packaging options and new ways of retail categorization based on likely cross visitation.

    location based triggers

    Elevate your marketing campaign with Skyfii

    Data can be overwhelming. Allow our experts to simplify it for you so you can create marketing campaigns that influence customer behavior, drive engagement, and elevate your business. Learn more about how we help our customers with everything from campaign optimization to advanced research and segmentation. Ready to get started? Request your consultation.

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