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    September 14, 2023

    Skyfii and CrowdVision Accelerate Computer Vision Capabilities

    Discover how our acquisition of CrowdVision will transform your venue with innovative computer vision, video analytics, and LiDAR capabilities.

    As an omnidata intelligence company, Skyfii focuses on helping organizations measure, predict, and influence visitor behavior.

    To support that mission, we continually look for ways to innovate and expand the capabilities of our customer analytics and engagement tools.

    Our acquisition of CrowdVision does just that. This industry-leading crowd analytics helps us strengthen our video analytics and LiDAR capabilities.

    What is CrowdVision?

    CrowdVision is a SaaS video solution providing live, accurate, actionable pedestrian data and insights. The real-time data helps venue operators plan better and act decisively to improve pedestrian experience. As a result, venues increase efficiency, safety, security, and profitability.

    CrowdVision’s market-leading computer vision algorithms improve the quality, accuracy, and validity of high-volume pedestrian traffic analytics.

    The live video input comes from commercially available IP camera networks. Pedestrian movements are automatically detected using sophisticated computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques.

    Skyfii Amplifies Global Reach with CrowdVision Acquisition

    Skyfii’s acquisition of CrowdVision extends its position as a leading global provider of venue intelligence and data analytics.

    Skyfii’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Arthur, states, “The combination of Skyfii and CrowdVision technologies will accelerate growth within the smart venues vertical. This includes airports, stadiums, casinos, commercial real estate, and major transportation hubs.”

    The acquisition will also double Skyfii’s current airport deployments, including O’Hare, Heathrow, and JFK.

    The CrowdVision technology complements Skyfii’s growing list of intelligent data sources. It enables us to design solutions for our customers based on their unique requirements and environments.

    CrowdVision’s Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Mills, states, “We are delighted to join the Skyfii team. CrowdVision’s technology complements Skyfii’s offering. Our geographic footprint in Europe and the U.S. also aligns with Skyfii’s global-reach goals.”

    Optimizing Pedestrian Flow for Superior Experiences

    Skyfii diagram

    CrowdVision and Skyfii airport use cases

    We help customers provide better experiences to their visitors by understanding the movement and flow of pedestrian traffic.

    Measuring historical and real-time pedestrian behaviors is critical to overcoming common challenges. These include:

    • Reducing queue wait times
    • Creating safe social distancing
    • Managing incidents
    • Streamlining pedestrian flow through congested areas
    • Reducing start-to-finish travel distances
    • Smart energy conservation
    • Optimizing staff activities

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    Transform Your Venue with Computer Vision

    Skyfii is a global leader in venue intelligence and data analytics. With CrowdVision, we can significantly expand our capability to provide your venue with critical pedestrian insights.

    Whether your goal is reducing queue times, managing crowds safely, or simply streamlining traffic in high-volume areas, our tailored solutions can meet your unique requirements.

    Discover how Skyfii and CrowdVision can revolutionize your venue’s intelligence capabilities and significantly improve visitor experiences.

    Take the first step towards truly understanding your venue’s potential.

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