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    September 14, 2023

    Guest WiFi for Retail: 7 Ways Guest Access Drives Success

    Ever experienced a weak data connection while shopping? Guest WiFi for retail solves this issue.

    Guest WiFi is more than just internet access—it’s a powerful tool that boosts customer satisfaction and offers significant advantages for retailers.

    It’s a fact: 62% of businesses say customers stay longer when WiFi is available.

    Let’s explore how Guest WiFi can supercharge your retail business, help you understand your customers better, and accelerate your marketing game.

    What Is Guest WiFi for Retail?

    Guest WiFi for Retail is a service providing shoppers internet access via a store’s network. It enables retailers to collect customer data, send personalized marketing, and generate actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

    7 Benefits of Offering WiFi in Retail Stores

    Guest WiFi for Retail

    Offering Secure guest WiFi in retail environments brings numerous benefits to both customers and retailers:

    1. Enhanced Customer Experience

    By providing free internet access, you cater to the digital needs of your customers. This boosts the customer experience by providing easy access to online resources right where they shop.

    As a result, Guest WiFi makes their shopping experience more enjoyable and convenient.

    2. Increased Time in Store and Conversions

    Customers using in-store WiFi will likely spend more time browsing, which could lead to increased purchasing.

    You can drive more conversions with targeted ads, personalized offers, and follow-up messages.

    Send the right message at the right time with automated marketing campaigns. For example, send offers to customers when they enter your store, engage with a department, or after they leave.

    Personalization makes your brand memorable and more likely to bring repeat business.

    3. Understand Customers’ In-Store Behavior

    Guest WiFi for retail goes beyond internet access. It’s also a strategic platform that tracks customer behavior and captures valuable insights.

    For example, retailers can leverage retail WiFi analytics to learn more about their customers’ shopping habits. You can track connection times, frequency of visits, and even movement patterns.

    Once you understand behavior patterns, you can adjust the store layout accordingly. You can also influence behavior and implement strategies to keep customers returning.

    4. Collect Valuable Data to Make Informed Decisions

    Guest WiFi for retail transforms raw data into actionable insights. Detailed analytics helps retailers make informed decisions to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. It’s also a discreet way to collect data regularly.

    Our customers report the primary source of their customer acquisition is through a captive portal. A captive portal is the landing page customers use to access your guest WiFi.

    Your landing page can gather customer data like name, email, phone, or social media profiles. This data will help you develop rich customer profiles based on various factors.

    Moreover, you can improve visitor profiles by capturing new data on each return visit. These customer profiles will become your list of interested individuals to market through targeted ads and promotions.

    5. Targeted Retail WiFi Marketing

    With the customer data collected, retailers can deliver personalized offers and recommendations, driving sales.

    When a customer connects to the store’s WiFi, the system can send personalized promotions, product suggestions, and loyalty rewards directly to their device.

    WiFi marketing for retail businesses is a proven strategy to drive conversions.

    6. Collect Online Reviews and Feedback

    Customers with access to free WiFi are more likely to share their positive experiences on social media or leave online reviews. This strategy can promote your store to a wider audience.

    You can also deliver automated surveys before providing access to your network or after the customer leaves. This approach will allow you to collect timely feedback about customer experience.

    7. Improved Store Operations

    The data collected can help identify busy periods and peak shopping times. This data aids in staff scheduling and inventory management.

    You can also measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. Through a captive portal, you can attribute campaigns to visits and purchases. You will understand how marketing campaigns, promotions, and product launches impact visitation, conversion, and behavior.

    In addition, you can measure the impact of spend across multiple concurrent marketing channels. Get instant data on what’s driving in-store visits, conversions, and loyalty.

    How Does a Retail WiFi System Work?

    Retail guest WiFi solutions provide a secure network for customers. When customers attempt to access the WiFi, they’re redirected to a captive portal login page.

    At the captive portal, guests may enter their details or accept terms of use. Once connected, their device’s MAC address is registered, enabling the system to track their behavior within the store.

    You can gain valuable insights by analyzing the data collected through guest WiFi and other channel integrations like your social media, website, or CRM platform.

    The captive portal can also serve as a platform for delivering targeted marketing messages, enhancing the customer experience.

    The Skyfii platform unifies digital sources, allowing you to connect the digital view to the physical view. For example, you can capture customer information when a customer signs up for guest WiFi. Then you can cross-reference this information with data like dwell times, return visits, and more.

    This WiFi solution will help you gain a multidimensional view of your customers and understand them on another level.

    Drive Business Growth with Skyfii’s Guest WiFi Solution

    Providing Guest WiFi in retail creates a win-win situation. Your customers enjoy a better shopping experience, and your business gains invaluable insights and marketing opportunities.

    Skyfii’s industry-leading captive portal solution delivers an affordable, scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use platform for managing guest WiFi.

    It also integrates seamlessly with our suite of venue intelligence and multichannel communications tools.

    Discover how our Captive Portal Guest WiFi solution can help you deliver a personalized customer experience.

    Retail WiFi FAQ

    Answers to common questions about WiFi for retail.

    Can Guest WiFi in Retail Stores Be Used for Marketing?

    Absolutely! Guest WiFi allows retailers to send personalized marketing messages to customers’ devices. Using insights gained from WiFi analytics, your business can tailor promotions and product recommendations to individual customers, boosting engagement and sales.

    How Can Guest WiFi in Retail Stores Improve Customer Experience?

    Free WiFi for retail customers enhances the shopping experience by providing free internet access for product research or online reviews.

    Also, personalized promotions, product suggestions, and loyalty rewards sent through the WiFi network can increase customer satisfaction and encourage return visits.

    How Can Retail Businesses Manage Guest WiFi Usage and Security?

    Retailers can manage WiFi usage and security through a system dashboard. Skyfii makes it easy to implement security measures like firewalls, secure login portals, and data encryption to protect the network and user data.

    What Are the Cost Considerations for Implementing Guest WiFi in Retail Stores?

    Costs for implementing Guest WiFi include:

    • Hardware purchases like routers and servers.
    • Software for managing the system and analyzing data.
    • Setting up guest WiFi for retail stores.
    • Ongoing costs for network security, maintenance, and upgrades.

    However, the benefits derived from customer insights and increased sales can offset these costs.

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