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    April 21, 2021

    Skyfii Partners with BrainBox AI to Drive Energy Savings in Commercial Real Estate

    Skyfii is excited to partner with BrainBox AI. The pioneering leader provides autonomous AI technology for commercial and corporate real estate.

    Under the partnership, Skyfii customers can rapidly optimize their occupancy data. The results will drive significant energy savings.

    How BrainBox AI Increases Energy Savings

    BrainBox AI combines deep learning, cloud-based computing, and autonomous decision-making.

    This technology also supports a 24/7 self-operating building.

    For example, BrainBox AI’s solution enables a building’s HVAC system to operate autonomously, in real-time.

    As a result, businesses benefit from these energy savings:

    • Up to a 25% reduction in total energy costs
    • 20-40% reduction in carbon footprint
    • 60% increase in occupant comfort

    The Partnership Advantages

    “Skyfii is pleased to announce its technology partnership with BrainBox AI. Now more than ever building owners and operators are looking for ways to improve the performance and efficiency of their buildings.” – John Rankin, Skyfii’s Chief Operating Officer Says

    He adds, “By utilizing Skyfii’s OccupancyNow™ tool and BrainBox AI, building owners can measure occupancy of their building in real-time. This integration will drive greater efficiency and reductions in energy consumption.”

    Skyfii partners
    Above (left to right): Daniel Lepore, AMP Capital, Ben Gill, BrainBox AI, John Rankin, Skyfii

    BrainBox AI drives its decision-making based on data from existing building systems, including:

    • BMS and access control systems
    • Third-party sources like weather, utility tariff structures, and occupancy.

    “Artificial intelligence is powered by high-quality data. The more data BrainBox AI can receive, the more energy savings and improved occupant comfort.” – Jean-Simon Venne, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at BrainBox AI

    “The addition of Skyfii’s historical and real-time occupancy data is expected to improve the results generated by our technology.”

    AMP Captial Will Be the First

    The first beneficiary of this partnership is AMP Capital.

    In October 2020, they deployed BrainBox AI throughout its entire real estate portfolio.

    AMP Capital also deployed Skyfii’s visitor intelligence tools in a handful of its retail facilities.

    It will leverage its investment by utilizing this occupancy tracking and pattern data to improve the decision-making made by the BrainBox AI engine.

    This will lead to higher energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

    The first location will be AMP Capital’s Macquarie Centre, a 135,000 sq. m. shopping mall, located in northwest Sydney in NSW.

    “AMP Capital consistently looks to improve our customer experience, reduce building operating costs, and decrease emissions across our portfolio.” – Daniel Lepore, Head of Asset Technology at AMP Capital

    “The out-of-the-box integration between Skyfii and BrainBox AI forms part of our PropTech ecosystem. It allows us to drive those efforts further and be the first portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit.”

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