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    September 14, 2023

    3 Innovative Ways Smart WiFi Can Improve Tenant Experience

    Discover how to maximize your building’s tenant experience, improve retention, and streamline operations with smart WiFi solutions.

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    According to BuildingEngines, 88% of CRE landlords believe data on tenant preferences is important to their overall business strategies.

    As businesses embrace remote work and competition intensifies, your WiFi network becomes the secret weapon.

    Explore three innovative ways WiFi empowers you to create healthier, more engaging spaces.

    1. Deliver Smarter, More Connected Tenant Services

    You can deliver more connected tenant services and smart building applications with the right Guest WiFi solution.

    For example, tenants can interact with your properties by connecting to your guest WIFi network, including:

    • Gaining access to the building, parking, fitness centers, and other amenities
    • Communicating with building staff
    • Quick access to building directories, information, and tenant services

    Additionally, you can leverage the information tenants provide when registering to your guest WiFi network (e.g., name, contact details, etc).

    For example, capture and store the provided data to:

    • Record visitation
    • Enable touchless registration
    • Conduct contact tracing
    • Facilitate direct communication over multiple channels like WiFi, SMS, email, and mobile apps

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    2. Occupancy and Space Utilization Analytics

    occupancynow toolkit 

    WiFi can also provide real-time and historical location intelligence. For instance, gain vital insights on amenity utilization, occupancy, congestion, and wait times.

    By detecting the location and presence of WiFi-enabled devices, you can access valuable analytics on how people use your spaces.

    These insights help you maximize the health and well-being of your tenants, streamline operations, and identify needed building improvements.

    Additionally, you can integrate data-driven communications tools to efficiently surface this data to staff. The data enables them to take action when and where it’s needed. For example, you can:

    • Notify cleaning staff of the most heavily trafficked areas.
    • Monitor real-time occupancy and social distancing.
    • Automatically alert staff to respond if overcrowding is detected.
    • Analyze tenant engagement with amenities and communal spaces. Also, identify needed improvements to increase tenant satisfaction in those areas.
    • Optimize HVAC and lighting based on occupancy rates and utilization.

    WiFi is an effective solution to gather and action these insights. Knowing how people interact with your spaces is crucial when designing healthier, more useful, and enjoyable tenant experiences.

    3. Tenant Satisfaction Surveys


    The best way to identify your tenant’s needs is to gather survey insights. Regularly surveying will help you know where to make critical improvements.

    Your WiFi network can provide an effective, intelligent, and discreet way to collect this data at scale regularly.

    For example, easily deliver automated surveys through your guest WiFi captive portal before providing access to the network.

    An effective guest WiFi solution also has advantages over other methods of collecting satisfaction data, including:

    • Automation: you can create and schedule multiple surveys, allowing you to collect ongoing feedback.
    • Device recognition: Recognizing unique devices ensures you don’t deliver the same survey more than once to a tenant.
    • Location-based triggers: Detect device location and trigger surveys to collect feedback on specific amenities, floors, and services.
    • Behavioral targeting: Collect targeted feedback from people based on how they interact with your buildings (e.g., parking, building entrance, etc.)

    By identifying what matters most to your tenants, you can prioritize the improvements to your buildings and services. This will help you improve retention with existing tenants and make your properties more attractive.

    How to Choose a Smart WiFi Solution

    Your WiFi network is a powerful channel for improving tenant experience. With the right software, you can harness your existing WiFi network to:

    Deliver more connected tenant services.
    Gain critical insights into your building’s operations.

    When choosing a solution, there are key points you should consider:

    First, your WiFi network should integrate seamlessly with your existing property management system and tech stack.

    The ability to correlate and sync data between your existing systems will provide richer insights, enable more flexible applications, and help you keep your data centralized.

    Secondly, your WiFi network should easily scale across your entire property portfolio.

    Specifically, your WiFi infrastructure should:

    • Integrate with a wide range of WiFi hardware manufacturers.
    • Allow for remote deployment and configuration.
    • Be flexible enough to meet the specific requirements and use cases in each building.

    Ready to Unleash Your WiFi’s Full Potential?

    Delivering exceptional tenant experiences is essential. With your existing WiFi network, you have the power to transform your buildings and streamline operations like never before.

    Skyfii offers an industry-leading Guest WiFi solution explicitly designed to meet your requirements. Our scalable, flexible, and seamlessly integrated solution has earned the trust of renowned property groups worldwide. Over 10,000 venues benefit from our expertise.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to revolutionize tenant experiences. Unlock the true potential of your WiFi network with Skyfii.

    Smart WiFi FAQ

    Answers to common questions about guest WiFi solutions.

    What Is Smart WiFi?

    Smart WiFi is an advanced technology that utilizes wireless networks to provide enhanced connectivity and interactive services. It enables seamless internet access for users while also offering features like personalized user experiences, data analytics, and targeted communications.

    Smart WiFi also transforms traditional WiFi networks into powerful tools for delivering connected services and improving user satisfaction.

    How Does Guest WiFi Work?

    Guest WiFi provides internet access to visitors or guests in a specific location, such as hotels, restaurants, or offices. It typically requires a login or registration process, after which users gain access to the internet through a dedicated network.

    Guest WiFi networks are also customizable to offer various amenities, gather user information for analytics, and enable targeted communications.

    By connecting to the guest WiFi network, users can enjoy internet access while businesses gain valuable insights and opportunities for engagement.

    How to Set up a Guest WiFi Network?

    Set up a guest WiFi network with these key steps:

    1. You need a reliable internet connection and suitable WiFi hardware.
    2. Configure the network settings and security measures to protect user data and provide a seamless login experience. Consider implementing a captive portal to enable user registration and authentication. Also, customize the network with relevant amenities and branding elements.
    3. Regularly maintain and update the network to ensure optimal performance, security, and user satisfaction.

    Consult with Beonic to simplify the setup process and provide expert guidance.

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