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    May 12, 2024

    The Role of Airport Passenger Flow and Crowd Management Solutions

    Airports Council International (ACI) Europe recently published a report highlighting the importance of airport passenger flow and crowd management solutions for optimizing operations. The report delves into the advantages of adopting comprehensive solutions tailored to airport needs, offering guidance on selecting and implementing these vital systems.

    In response to evolving airport needs, optimizing passenger flow and enhancing the overall passenger experience have emerged as top priorities. Airports seek solutions that not only maximize linger time in retail precincts but also minimize costs to service and improve overall passenger satisfaction.

    ACI’s report underscores these new priorities facing airport management bodies:

    • Space Optimization 

    Airports must implement crowd control measures and utilize floor space efficiently.

    • Time Efficiency 

    Emphasis on fast, streamlined passenger processing and safe, appealing entertainment and retail services during dwell time.

    • Cost Minimization 

    Balancing cost minimization and revenue generation with adherence to protocols without straining resources.

    To address these challenges effectively, ACI emphasizes the need for airports to understand passenger behavior.

    At Beonic, we empower airports with granular, real-time data on movement, occupancy, and dwell time across all areas. Our comprehensive solutions enable airports to optimize staffing at check-in and security, manage crowds and queues efficiently, and engage passengers throughout their journey. Automating these processes is crucial for managing current challenges and delivering long-term value.

    Benefits of Crowd Management Solutions

    ACI’s report highlights the profound benefits of automated passenger flow and crowd management solutions that capture, process, and analyze real-time and historical data to inform strategic actions:

    • Real-Time Monitoring 

    Identifying high-density areas and triggering alerts to manage crowd density effectively.

    • Historical Data Analysis 

    Forecasting passenger flows for long-term resource planning and efficient crowd management.

    • Optimizing Operations, e.g. Sanitary Planning 

    Adapting hygiene protocols based on predicted passenger arrival patterns and real-time weather data to prevent crowding.

    Our AI-driven platform ingests diverse data inputs to provide airports with actionable insights—enhancing efficiency, profitability, and passenger experiences.

    Choosing the right solution is an investment with lasting business value beyond the recovery phase. ACI advises airports to select an integrated, infrastructure-agnostic platform capable of managing diverse sensors and data sources airport-wide. At Beonic, we offer a “business process-centric solution” that addresses a wide range of operational and business challenges, including health and safety, retail optimization, and terminal management.

    ACI Airport Blog Offerings

    While focusing on immediate challenges like queue and crowd monitoring is important, a comprehensive airport management solution addresses future complexities, such as retail optimization and terminal planning. Beonic’s AI-driven integrated platform aligns with ACI’s guidelines for selecting the right solution, ensuring airports benefit from enhanced business, operational, and customer experience outcomes. 

    Let us guide you through this process and demonstrate how Beonic’s platform can meet your airport’s unique needs.

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